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  • Immunizations 411
    Immunizations 411

    A vaccine is a biological preparation which is used to establish or improve immunity to a particular disease.

  • Ingredients of Vaccines or Immunizations
    Ingredients of Vaccines or Immunizations

    The major ingredient of any vaccine is a killed or weakened form of the disease organism the vaccine is designed to prevent. In addition, vaccines can contain:

  • Administering Immunizations Safely
    Administering Immunizations Safely

    Vaccinations are very important and have played an large role in eliminating and reducing the spread of disease.

  • Side Effects & Adverse Reactions
    Side Effects & Adverse Reactions

    Typical Side Effects of Vaccinations

  • When to Notify Your Pediatrician after a Vaccination
    When to Notify Your Pediatrician after a Vaccination

    Notify your baby's healthcare provider if your baby experiences any of the following symptoms after an immunization:

  • Recommended Immunization Schedule
    Recommended Immunization Schedule

    Key to Vaccination Abbreviations

  • Diseases Summary
    Diseases Summary

    This chart, obtained from the CDC gives you an overview of vaccine-preventable diseases. For more information, click here.

  • Vaccines: Fact Sheets
    Vaccines: Fact Sheets

    Review important information about specific immunizations below.