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Hunger Cues in Babies

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Babies show hunger in many ways. Did you know that crying is actually a late sign of hunger? It's true. 

Watch your baby for early hunger cues and try to feed him before he begins to cry. What are some early signs of hunger?


  • Rooting. Rooting is a reflex that is present at birth and is elicited by stroking a baby’s cheek. Once baby's cheek is stroked, he/she will turn head and open his/her mouth in the direction of the stimulus.
  • Bringing hands to the mouth.
  • Smacking the lips.
  • Making sucking movements of the mouth.
  • Sighing, sobbing or cooing.
  • Increased alertness.
  • And rapid eye movements.
As you get to know your newborn, you will begin to learn your baby's cues and habits and will become a pro at learning your baby's early hunger cues.

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