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Tips for keeping your baby healthy and safe

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Here are some key points to remember to help keep your baby healthy and safe. Remember, newborns, preemies, and young infants are very susceptible to illness. Be sure to:

  • Wash your hands frequently when caring for your little one (especially after going to the bathroom and changing diapers).
  • Make sure all visitors wash their hands prior to touching your baby.
  • Make sure visitors are not ill when coming to visit.
  • Avoid large crowds for at least 1 month after your baby is born.


Help protect your baby from accidental injury and be sure to:

  • Always place your baby in an appropriate car seat when traveling in any vehicle.
        Baby Bath Towels, Robes
               and Wash Cloths
Baby Bath Towels
  • Never leave baby unattended (especially in the car, bathtub, changing table, or on any other elevated area).
  • Always keep one hand on your baby when in the bathtub , on the changing table, or on any elevated area.
  • Never shake your baby. Shaken baby syndrome can cause blindness, brain damage or death.
  • Place baby on his/her back to sleep to reduce the likelihood of sudden infant death syndrome.
  • Always test the temperature of the water before giving a bath.
  • Never prop a bottle when feeding your baby.
  • Never place pacifier on a string around baby’s neck.
  • Check pacifiers and nipples for holes and tears frequently.
  • Always test the temperature of breastmilk/formula prior to feeding your baby.
  • Never leave pets or young children alone with your baby.
  • Ensure smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly.
  • Do not carry infant when you are cooking or holding hot drinks.
  • Remove toys from the crib when your baby is sleeping or unattended.
  • Never give an infant under 1 year of age honey. Honey has been associated with botulism.

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