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Nurture the Emergence of Writing in Your Toddler

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scribblesAlhough it can be a challenge, it is important to teach children how to write. Literacy is one of the most important skills your child can develop. Having strong writing skills early in life will help your child succeed in school. Young children often imitate the behaviors of adults. They see parents, teachers, and other role models writing shopping lists, checks, and letters, and they want to start writing too. The first writing a child does is often comprised of scribbles. Even though the child is not actually writing anything, these scribbles are an important part of learning to write. When children try to write, they are fine tuning their motor skills so that they will be able to form letters properly later. As your child begins scribble writing, make sure you praise their efforts and show enthusiasm. Your positive reinforcement will encourage your child to keep practicing.

As your child’s skill level grows, they will probably start trying to write their name. It can be tempting to correct a child’s mistakes in letter formation, but it better to let children learn at their own pace. Correcting a child’s poor handwriting or messy letter formation can discourage your child, and can make writing seem like a chore instead of a fun activity. If you focus too much on penmanship, your child will think that writing neatly is more important than conveying ideas and communicating.

Once your child gets a little older and is capable of writing full sentences, you should think of fun writing projects that will

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encourage your child to work on their skills. If your child loves to receive mail, find your child a pen pal. Your child will be eager to write a letter to their new friend. If you can find your child a pen pal who lives in another country, your child will learn about the world as well.

Additionally, you should make sure that you are modeling the behaviors you want your child to learn. If you have to write a letter to a friend, give your child paper and a pencil so that they can write their own letter. This is a great educational bonding opportunity. Your child will benefit from being able to see how you carefully form letters. Keep plenty of paper around the house, so that your child can practice their writing whenever the urge strikes.

Once your child learns the basics of writing, they will be ready to start learning to use the computer. Many young children find using a word processor very rewarding, because they do not need to worry about forming letters appropriately. Let your child use the computer to email a friend or relative.

Submitted by Sarah Morris for Primrose Schools- the preferred choice in preschools

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Parenting Tips - How to Help a Child to Begin to Write






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