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Expert Parenting Advice 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

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Are you looking for some advice or just need a few parenting tips? Many times as a parent, you’re faced with questions or situations that you would like a bit of guidance on. Often, these situations/questions present themselves in the middle of the night and are not something to bother your baby’s doctor about. Other times, you may be just too embarrassed to ask. Now, all you have to do is to pick up your phone and dial the Texas Children’s Parent Advice Line to find out the answers to your burning questions. This FREE information center is provided by Texas Children’s Hospital and provides medical advice on a wide variety of topics ranging from pediatric illness to general health and wellness questions. 


Are you wondering:

  • How to treat diarrhea in your 8 month old?
  • How to get your child to sleep?
  • How to best treat a fever in your infant?
  • How much Tylenol is ok to give your toddler?
  • When to keep your child home from school or day care?
  • How to discipline your toddler in a loving and positive manner?
  • How to treat colic?
  • How to start your little one on solids?

           Hands Off My Belly
Hands Off My Belly

If so, the experts at Texas Children’s Hospital are just a phone call away.

Here’s how this free service works:

  1. Dial 832-824-1777.
  2. Once prompted, say the first couple of words of the topic you would like to learn about or enter the 4-digit code 
  3. Here are some basic commands to navigate through the system:
    • Back up - To back up to the beginning of the message you are listening to, press 2 (or B for "back up") twice. To back up a little bit, hit 2 once.
    • Go - To hear another message at any time, press 4 or G for "go." You may access up to five topics during one call.
    • End - To end your call, press the pound key. (#)

If you are having an emergency, call 9-1-1. This automated advice line is NOT for emergency situations.

Getting tips that you can trust couldn’t be easier than this!

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