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Stay Safe This Christmas- Fire Safety Over Christmas

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The Christmas season is a time of love, hope, joy and giving. Yet, for most people it is also the busiest time of the year. All the rushing around to get prepared for the holiday can become a huge distraction. This can quickly turn a happy time of celebration into a disaster, which can lead to loss and sorrow. A major cause of injuries and death during the Christmas season is an accidental fire in the home.

By following the five holiday fire safety tips listed below, you can insure that you and your family has a safe and joyful Christmas.  


Christmas Fire Safety Tips

1. Candles
Flickering candles give a room a festive look, but they can be a major fire hazard. Unattended lit candles are the leading cause of home fires during the holiday season. Never leave the room without distinguishing the flame first. Only use electric candles in windows or near any flammable materials. Place scented candles in heat resistant glass or metal holders. Do not place the candles directly on mantles or other wood surfaces.
2. Christmas Trees
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Fire Extinguisher
Whether you choose a live Christmas tree or an artificial one, there are certain precautions that you must take. Before decorating the tree with lights, check carefully for frayed or exposed wires. If you’re using a live Christmas tree, keep it watered daily and do not place it near a fireplace or other sources of heat. Keep the electrical cords out of reach of house pets.
3. Cooking
The stress and fatigue of holiday cooking can leave you feeling distracted and forgetful. While preparing your meal, tie your hair into a ponytail and roll up long sleeves. Unplug mixers and other appliances as soon as you finish using them. Before leaving the kitchen, double check that the oven and burners are turned off.
4. Electrical Outlets
Prevent overloading the electrical outlets by properly using a power strip for Christmas lights and other decorations. Never plug two power strips into the same outlet. If a plug has three prongs, only plug it into the proper outlet. Do not bend or remove the third prong.
5. Outdoor Decorations
When putting up decorations outside, make sure that they are outdoor approved and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Only plug the decorations into power supplies that are made for outdoor use. Turn the decorations off at night before going to bed.
By Nisha Sharma, editor for If you would like to find out more information about fire safety products, visit our fire safety store.

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